30 août 2008

New project

Started with Marseille V.
This is a picture I took on the ‘ile de Frioul’ near Marseille.
This picture was also the catalisator for my Marseille-series.

I knew I would do this picture in fibre but I had no idea how I wanted to realize it.
It had to express power and fragility at the same time.
It had to be realistic enough in its abstraction.
Do you still follow ?

Since I’ve already done several workshops with Ellen Lindner and that I had in mind making this art-quilt in collage-form with free-cut shapes, I knew she was the right person to help !

So I started to play :
A very basic sketch :
An off-balance watercolour sketch, just to get a colour idea :
A watercolour sketch with some description :
A paper collage, to get an idea of what it would give in fabric (with a lot of imagination !) :
Changing some of the details to get more swing :
I’m far from ready with this picture. I will alter this design more.
Still playing with more ideas.

I have, for instance, a finishing flower idea : making dimensional flowers with embroidery thread so I obtain a fluffy effect.

"In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain".
Pliny the Elder (23AD-79AD)

Write you soon

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Anonyme a dit…

I find the time you spend planning your end products interesting and very productive...I'm a planner also, but also envy those who can just dive in and make it work without much direction. I enjoy reading how you get from A to Z in your work. Louise Schiele, Sacramento, California