1 septembre 2008

Sketching again

When I’m thinking about the realisation of a project, I often do something else in between. This tulip picture for instance, found while google-ing some months ago attracted me for some reason. I printed the picture and forgot about it.
I had used the print-out as book-mark.
Taking the book back, I rediscovered the tulip and decided to give it a proper place in my sketchbook.

I worked a little with the picture and these are the results.

A sketch :

I coloured the sketch with the Caran d’Ache
I wanted to change some of the colours to get a more powerful image :
When done, I watered the pastels and this is the end result :

I did this only for my amusement. I don’t think I will do anything further with it.
It simply made me happy and that’s all that counts.
I learned some basic things with this drawing : If you plan to water colour a sketch, don’t use a normal pencil to draw. I can still see the pencil-lines under the colours.

I repeated the exercise with other colours and without using a pencil :

My DH was wondering why I started to sketch again and not sewing as much as usual.
I replied him that I maybe sew less but that I sew much more effective and also have “a lot” less UFO’s.
The started projects are finished now in every case because of the preparation work.

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant”.
Benjamin Disraeli

Write you soon

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