11 août 2008

Sunday activities

Yesterday, I made a day- collage about Belgium because I hade read a quote that is perfect for our country : ‘Agree not to agree !’
And no ; I do not want to live in another country. We have several communities in our country and we just love to have words fights ; a bit like brothers and sisters , they also fight all the time but can’t live without each other.

I first started with the words from Jacques Brel's song : "Le plat Pays" and played with wordle .

I also did a little watercolour sketch :
I promised myself to make a colour exercise or a collage every other day in my sketchbook.
That way I give myself a sketchbook routine and I visualise the ideas I get.
This will permit me to go further on some ideas, throw others away or put some ideas on hold.
Again having a sketchbook is ideal to learn to work in series.
You work with an idea and twist it again and again…

I worked further on “Cale Sèche” :
I chose the threads needed to thread paint :
And started to thread paint
I’m still playing with several quilt lay outs in Electric Quilt6 :
I know that I do not want this :
May be I will do this :
Still playing with other colours for the background fabric.
The death line for this quilt is next Sunday, so I still have time to play.

"Put up in a place where it’s easy to see the cryptic admonishment T.T.T.
When you feel how depressingly slowly you climb, it’s well to remember that
Things Take Time."
Piet Hein

Write you soon

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