16 août 2008


Time management is important for me !
If I hadn’t a well planned agenda, I wouldn’t be able to do as much as I do now.
So I did 2 agenda covers :
The turtle one for me, the green one is for my eldest in the hope she will be able to manage her time well one day…
You can’t see the variety of colours well on mine but if you have a look at the brown paper picture of two days ago, you will have a better idea.

Did the background for the Marseille III.

As you see I turned back to my initial idea. I will appliqué the rectangles with a decorative stitch : a boat or a fishbone stitch : a little humour...

And from the other background I made a quick quilt : “Abstrait III”.

I made that one while listening (and looking from time to time) to ‘My fair Lady’ (!).

I’m glad I continue to sketch and write in my sketchbook.
I have tasted a fantastic olive oil with lemon and asked for the recipe : wrote it right down in my sketchbook. Now I will look for lemon and olive pictures to make that page look nicer.

Did something very stupid : washed the jacket of my son : his nearly new expensive i-pod was still in his jacket.
The jacket is clean now, the protection for his I-pod also and the i-pod is total loss.
Trying to make my son laugh, I asked him, if I putted the i-pod in the dryer and putted it together again, it wouldn’t work again. I think he believes I come from another galaxy !

“Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it”.
Stephen Vizinczey

Write you soon

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