5 août 2008


I haven’t done much yesterday. I should have put some order in my stash but couldn’t start because some family-priorities came by.

Someone asked me what were my motivations in my art. I changed some essential things since spring.
First, I was asked to hold an exposition at the end of the year.
Unbelievable stress feeling !!

Second, I had the feeling that I had to move on. I needed to make an evolution.

Some time ago I took the workshop from Laura Cater-Woods and that made a click.
Just after that I had the chance to follow a super workshop with Sharon Bogon that indicated a way to hold a journal.
I already held journals –tons of journals- .
Now I fill one journal at the time and I use any technique to try some new things out.
I put recipes in my journal or a picture I took ; I even put my feelings and the events of the day in it.
One thing I do every day is a “colour of the day” collage or sketch.
This frees me and I can start sewing after that if I want to.

The change from several journal to one journal made me focus much more.
Having a blog is a super motivation.
This is like a do-able and realistic new year resolution.
The comments I receive are positive and let me feel that I’m ‘on track’.

“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this :
Decide what you want.”
Ben Stein

Write you soon

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