22 août 2008


Working further with the picture I chose for my collage I decided to cut the picture apart and to make something like this :
It’s a roughly ‘sketch’ of my intention.
I used ‘paint’ to cut and replace some pieces.

I transferred the picture a second time on another piece of fabric so that I can combine both pieces : 2 quilts for the work of one !

I used Fossil Fern-fabric because of the subtle colour gradation in the fabric.
I will use a darning technique Dena Crain showed us in the ‘Darned Quilt’ workshop.

It is the first time I can work in a series with a specific theme – in my case ‘Marseille’- and I just love it. I feel that I get further one step at the time thanks to the use of a journal.

I have a lot of junk sketches in my journal but –for the moment- no more UFO’s in fabric.

Sketched my ‘home’:
and dream neighbours houses
To temper the colours I painted brown and black over the sketch and wiped the paint off while wet.

‘Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books’.
Bell Hooks

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

pattie a dit…

I like that you have "dream neighbors" Love what you do on fabric with your own art...
Thanks for stopping by and visiting and the lovely comment on the jacket..
Keep stitchin!!
Artfully Yours,

linda stokes a dit…

I like your sketches & will be interested to see what you do with your photo collage.
Thanks for your comment on my bag.
Best wishes,