14 août 2008

Rain and Time

Since we have such a fantastic weather lately I made a collage about the weather.

The umbrellas should make a good quilt idea.
Another idea : The rain as quilting lines on a hand dyed whole cloth quilt.

I found stone pictures and I liked the structure of the stones.
Or better : I liked the negative space between the stones :

Worked a little on the Marseille III and I’m a little 'stucked' :
I was tired when I chose this hand dyed fabric for the Marseille-quilt –
on the moment I liked the combination.
But now, I do not know ! It’s not enough and too much in one fabric.
This is a strong hand dyed fabric. I have this piece for about 10 years.
Every time I take it in my hands, I say that I have to use it but still have no use of it.
Tomorrow is another day : I have a free afternoon and will work further on the Marseille-quilt.

I painted brown paper to make an agenda–cover from Sue Bleiweiss workshop. I used acryl paint and once the surface dry, I went wild with the oil pastels from Caran d’ache and the Shiva’s.
I also found cool buttons to use as closure :
Just love the turtle.
This would be the perfect agenda-closure : It would remind me to go slower with my live.
Carpe Diem.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice….
In practice there is”.
Yogi Berra

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

Sandy a dit…

What great journal pages. They will lead to some nice projects. The brown paper is fun.

Lorie M. a dit…

The water pages and the stone pages are really nice, very inspirational.