12 août 2008


No, I do not use any translator for my blog.
When I started to blog I decided to write in English because many of my quilting friends are English speaking.
Following online workshops gave me the ability to expand my knowledge of the written English language.
Talking is another case : I speak English with a French accent !!
Since we’re going to New Orleans and Houston end October I will have the opportunity to talk a lot !

I’m beginning to think which work I will expose during the exhibition at the end of the year till end January.
I’m rather productive for the moment considering I’m also working fulltime in our shop.
But I stick to small work : I have to rearrange my studio to hang some bigger work !
And I need to sell some. I came to a point that instead of giving it away to family because they like my work, I better sell it to people who likes it.
The exhibition will be the right time to start selling some work. I will have to calculate a correct price for each piece and this will not be an easy job.

This quilt has been made after a picture of a door in the Provence. When I look at this work, it still gives me peace. I used fibre-edge for the tree leaves and uses pastels to age the door, the flowers were embroidered on tulle and then appliquéd.
“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious”.
Peter Ustinov

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

Lorie M. a dit…

wow, that looks lovely. It's amazing when something as simple as a doorway is elevated to art. Well done.

Vivian a dit…

Nathalie, Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed viewing your blog. Your art work is wonderful!