28 août 2008


I quilted the First of the Marseille IV-quilts. I kept it simple : just the contours of the rectangles were quilted with a light blue metallic thread.
On the detail shot you can see how I reassembled the picture.
My intention is to bind both the quilts with a sheer ribbon.
I want to accentuate the transparency of the water and the air from the picture.
That’s why I left a rather large ‘border round the picture.

Since fall is in the air I took a picture of a little leaf quilt I made – past year already – I tried to reproduce the fragility of a leaf. It made me think to ‘dentelle de Bruges’. I free machine embroidered the leaves on Avalon and then appliqué it to the already quilted background.

Susan from Wild Onion asked us : “What are your favourite tools in your studio ?”
I answered : my computer to communicate ; my sewing machine, my ‘working wall’ –couldn’t find the word ‘design wall’ and my iron.
Strangely in another group there was a discussion about ironing shirts.
Well, most of us –fibre artists don’t iron shirts ; in exception those of our DH- when absolutely necessary- and certainly not those of our sons.
I think that’s one of the first things I learned to my son : ironing ! and cooking…
My son sometimes wished he was born a 100 years earlier, I told him that if it had been in my family he also had to do that. Haha..

“There’s no real need to do housework – after four years it doesn’t get any worse.”
Since my son’s name is Quentin I found a quote from :
Quentin Crisp

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

Teresa a dit…

Your work is always so interesting and creative. I enjoy seeing what you are doing and love the way you show the progression of your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Dena Crain a dit…

Interesting work you're doing, Nathalie! I find it remarkable that seeing the photos cut up and repositioned actually makes me look harder to see what is there. When I see the photos, I say, "OK, a boat in the water" and that's all I see. When the photos are cut, shifted and darned, I have to look at each square or rectangle as if it was a separate composition, seeking to discover what little secrets each has in store for me. The end result is that I have a much better mental image and impression of what I have seen than I would have looking quickly at the full photos. Very clever on your part! An excellent use of Darned Quilting!! Well done!