24 août 2008

Collage bis

I continued working on the twin-collage.
I have cut several rectangles out from the two images on fabric and switched them with each other. Ironing a stabilizer on the back of a transferred image isn’t the easiest thing to do.
But if you want to have neat work…

I took a picture after the first series of cut-outs

and when I decided to stop to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ what the pictures told me.

Since this work is ‘small sized’ and very ‘blue’ I worked on colour-value rather than recognising the boats in the picture.
This work turned to be an almost mono-chromatic exercise !
Did you know that blue isn’t even my ‘preferred’ colour.

“As you think so you are – As you Imagine so you become !”

Write you soon

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Susan Italo a dit…

Another interesting idea! I'm loving these-- I wish I could see them in person!!