30 mai 2008


Have you ever tried to burn fabric on purpose with your iron ?
I did, and it isn’t as easy as it sounds.
With those modern irons with the automatic stop when it is ‘overheating’ ; you have to thinking not to hold the iron too long on the same spot but long enough to obtain that rusty spot.
Remember my tree trunk a few post ago ?
Well, I made a line drawing from a detail from that trunk on paper.
Had to think how to translate it in fabric, saw a picture from rust-dyed fabric in a blog-post
( don’t remember from who, sorry) and Eureka… I had a possibility to adapt the detail on fabric. A bit like the relativity theory (when it rains in Africa…).

I received a wonderful complement today : I am a poet.
Those words touched me profoundly.
Thank you, Laura.
I like it better than some friends saying : ‘you think way to much for me’ and/or ‘when you say something I have to think to much’.
Sometimes it makes me feel like ET.
And sometimes I choose not to speak.
I like the words : ‘a few words are sometimes better than a whole book’
‘Talking is silver and silence is gold’


29 mai 2008


Rain :
In a
Line !

What is a point, a dot ?
The beginning of a letter, the start to writing a word…
A phrase..
Even a book ?

What is a line ?
The artistic movement of a dot…
The continuum of time .
The expression of your mind.
The remembrance of your being…
Like life
A line has a beginning and an end.


27 mai 2008


Went horse riding yesterday and it was super.. The weather was just fine : rain before and after the riding.
Danaë is a fantastic horse, only 4 years old and working like she never did something else.

Still waiting for the book I ordered : Art Quilt Workbook from Jane Davila and Elin Waterston.
I followed a workshop conducted by Jane : The small Art quilt at Joggles.
I loved the workshop but sadly I wasn’t able to participate as much as I wished :
work life came in the way.
The pictures above are an example of a lesson during the workshop.

25 mai 2008

My dog

I finally have my dog on a picture : when she’s hearing my camera, she’s hiding under the bed. Isn’t she a sweetie ? Avril is a 9 year old poodle and the mascot of our family !


24 mai 2008


I need to focus a bit more on my creativity and for this reason I wanted some help.
I’m in a workshop conducted by Laura Cater-Woods : Idea to Image.
It is a kind of creative coaching. It is a necessity to have help from time to time.
Being able to start from an idea and go further.
I’m fascinated by trees and mostly the old ones. Recently I took a picture of a trunk ;

I really want to go further with that picture and see what I can get out of the picture.
I cropped the picture and changed the colors

I’m not yet satisfied ! My goal is to find a ‘lifeline’ in the trunk picture and then adapt it in fabric.
Patience is a gift …they tell.


23 mai 2008

Math for Butterflies

This Quilt has been made during a class I Followed at Quilt University : Math for Quilters given Dena Crain - one of the most gifted teacher I know.It has been extensively quilted. It took me many hours to achieve the machine quilting. It has been partly done with an embroidery module and a digitized design.

first blog


I finally started. The first step is indeed the most difficult.

I'm a textil artist. The A-word came out. I have to stop saying that what I'm creating is 'nothing'. I can't stop myself doing stuff with fiber and fabric.

I'm sewing, knitting, crocheting since 'I was born'. For the past 15 years I have focussed on sewing : patchwork, later mixed media and in between sewing some of my clothes.

I have took online-classes at various sites and loved some more than other but have always learned some new things.

At the end of the year I will have a third exhibition and I'm already excited !
I will put some more pictures on this blog later.
The picture on top is from an Istant Art Quilt I made after an online class, Ellen Lindner was the teacher. I had fun making that quilt.
Since this is my first post, I have some trouble finding my way.