9 août 2008

Marseille III

I just love it when a design is coming to life !
When I took a picture of that boat I didn’t know I would make a little art quilt from that particular picture.
I started to sketch ‘Cale Sèche’ because I wanted to draw to get back some routine.
And as colour exercise I chose the related fabric.
Then I decided to draw it with Electric Quilt 6 as exercise.
Since I was so involved with the design, I associated it with the wonderful time I had in Marseille with my DH.
Only then I decided to create ‘Cale sèche, le vieux port de Marseille’.

I took some picture so that you can see how I constructed the top in raw edge appliqué...

Here you see a detail :
The top need some thread painting, just love do thread painting.

Those stitches give the finishing touch in a work.
This will be my Sunday play time.

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides”.
David Viscott

Write you soon

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