10 juillet 2008

Spam and collages

I have been SPAM-attacked ! I received more than 3000 messages.
Result : I have not been able to send any mail to anybody.
Thus : I want to thank Susan from wildonionstudio.com and Louise from louiseschiele.com for their nice personal comments. Go visit their site, you won’t regret it.

I’m playing with colours lately and having fun. It’s a return to the basics.
A refreshment bath. Nothing new but some ‘forgotten’ elements are saying hello again.

I worked on light colours : white, cream and grey.
So I made collages with the ‘lights’. Such a variety in those ‘colours’.
The light colours have a calming effect on me. Make me peaceful, not that I’m a ‘warrior’ by the way.
It’s maybe the reason that when surrendering in time of war, they showed the white flag ?

I continued the sketch of Frioul’s flowers and I added some watercolours after I noted all the wanted details with words. Long time that I used watercolours and I should use them more.

The workshop with Sharon Boggon (link at Joggles and ‘in a minute ago’)) is already a hit.
It is one of the most active workshop I have followed. I have to restrain myself not going too much to the discussion-group. If you read everything that is written, you need at least 1 hour a day.

"The only way to make your PC go faster is to throw it out a window".
Robert Paul

Write you soon

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