23 juillet 2008


Some years ago, I followed a class conducted by Marilyn Belford at Quilt University.
The name of that class was ‘artists revisited’ . I then chose for Modigliani because I like the style of the artist :

What I tried was to stay simple and touch the spirit of the painting. Not as simple as it looks like. Knowing that Modigliani is one of my mother’s favorite artist, I gave her the quilt for her birthday some time ago.

Still not having a famous artist hanging in my home I decided to do another ‘artist quilt’.
This time I chose Picasso ; "Le Rève":

Once done, My husband showed it to a work-relation and that relation asked if he could buy it… So I sold my very first piece.

And I still didn’t have an ‘artist quilt.
So I made a third one ;
again Picasso ; "La Lectrice" :

This one is mine. I have chose ‘la lectrice’ because I love reading.
She’s hanging in my studio watching me working.

“It takes a long time to become young”.
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Write you soon

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