19 juillet 2008


I do not have a garden.
This means, I have more time for my art.
This also means that I have to go out to see some nature.
I have the chance that I do not have to go far to see some nature.
It’s maybe the reason that I love taking flower picture and making flowerquilts.
I took this picture in Barcelona past year ..
I adapted the picture, reducing the colours...
I cutted my picture and re-arranged the pieces in another way...

also tried some horizontal slices..

and did some random cuttings, but this time I rearranged the pieces the same way but with spaces in between..

One of those ideas will become a quilt.
I like the first squared cut and already see it in machine embroidery pieces,
this means I should have to digitize the square pieces one by one.
“ Man's mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions”.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
write you soon

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