15 juillet 2008


I love Irises.
It’s the flower of my childhood. There were plenty of them in our garden.
That flower seemed to grow and multiply everywhere.
There was an ‘ugly’ corner to the house and it was the best place for those flowers : that corner became a peaceful purple corner.
That corner with the irises are part of my souvenirs since it doesn’t exist any more.

I sketched the iris with chalk, traced the iris on a transparent and superposed the two.

I played with a kaleidoscope program on the internet and –again- the souvenirs came on visit.

My grandmother from Bruges had a kaleidoscope-tube where we (my brother and me, my youngest sister wasn’t born yet) could look and see the most amazing and colourful designs.

Sometimes I think I'm as 'crazy' as she was : she was always making and creating things. She didn't have time (she forgot as it wasn't as important in her eyes) to cook for her 4 boys, my grandfather had to do the cooking work. The result : my father became a Chef. WE always had a meal to eat.

I also played on Electric Quilt and mad some expanded squares.
This is addictive.
Take a two-colour block. Retrieve some of the blacks, flip it and voilà :

I don’t think I will stop playing for a while.
The advantage of playtime : It only takes 10 minutes and then I can stop without harm.
That’s all the time I can afford for the moment : I’m disturb by the phone more than you can imagine !

"All I've ever wanted was an honest week's pay for an honest day's work".
Steve Martin

write you soon

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