27 juillet 2008

Paper Quilts

I know, I know…
Some months ago I was AGAINST working with paper and paint.
I didn’t want to take paper and pencils ant paints again.
I thought I would have less time to ‘love’ fabric.
The contrary is true.
I forgot I once did love paper and pencils and paints.
I was the one who was always drawing, sketching and painting.
I think I sketched my little sister at least a thousand times.
I did sketch nudes more than you imagine – long time ago- at school. I loved drawing and painting abstracts.
I was 18 when I reproduced a complicate Vasarely going from black to white. Still have that painting.
But I preferred working with fiber.
I made a fabric ‘Fire Bird’ based on the music of Igor Stravinski.
That was the start of my unconditional love for fibre.
But now I rediscovered paper and paints.
So I glued pattern paper on fabric and started to paint the surface.
Can’t stay without fabric.
While writing this I remembered my ‘Fire Bird’ and I will make a ‘Fire Bird’- paper quilt with the painted examples :

Not much fire in it yet, but wait a bit…

"Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records. "
William A. Ward

Write you soon

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Anonyme a dit…

bonne fête Nathalie. C'est "funny" d'aller sur ton blog pour avoir des nouvelles.
Tes deux bonne-mamans seraient fières de voir ce que tu fais comme oeuvres.
Papy et Mamy