30 septembre 2008

Still sewing

I’m still sewing my “Marseille V”. It’s like it will never end. I’m not even half way.
The big lines are almost sewed but then I have all the details to do.
I think I’m sewing slowly because I enjoy taking this work in my hands.
Normally it should be finished before we go to New Orleans and Houston. We have our plane on the October 23. I hope to meet some of you during our stay in Houston for the quilt expo.

Today was the first day we felt that fall is in the country. A lot of wind, some rain and the trees loosing their leafs.
With this kind of weather I always dream of an open fire, a glass of wine, soft music and a good book. Knowing that the weather isn’t fine outside and that you and your family are in a warm and cosy home… Not everybody has that luck !

Next Monday my youngest daughter and me are taking part of a ‘total relooking and restyling’ in Brussels.
It has been a long time that we wanted to do that. Nowadays jeans is the outfit by excellence ! We are very curious about the results but most important : we will have a funny day !

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Write you soon

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Teresa a dit…

That is one scary looking picture - looks like a terrible storm!