27 septembre 2008

New Sketch

Since I’m not ‘able’ to sew for more than an hour in a row, I started to sketch for a new work.
I tried to combine several pictures I took while I was in the Champagne.
Those pictures also represent the best day we had there. The weather was nice and the place was soo peaceful : we didn’t hear or see a car.
This was also the place where we picnicked : and yes : baguettes, French cheese but no wine, we still had to drive.

It is only the first sketch. A lot of work has still to be done before this will turn in a fabric version. As I said before, I wish to combine mixed-media techniques.
But first, I will finish “Marseille V-Frioul’.
This work is still full of pins : I can’t sew 10 stitches without scratching my hands or arms.
So I decided to layer some food wrap on the surface and roll the ‘portion with food wrap’ I do not sew.
Problem solved : no scratches any more and when I unroll, I see my work.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go ; others, whenever they go.”
Oscar Wilde

Write you soon

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