2 octobre 2008

Old work

I knitted in a previous life. I believe that I knitted an average of one pullover in 10 days.
And because I knitted so much and so quick I was asked to knit for a wool shop.
From all the pullovers I knitted, I only held two as souvenir :

With some detail pictures included :

Knitting is back again but I see that people do not knit difficult patterns any more. It is a pity !
When my kids were little I knitted three similar pullovers in different colours. In those days Kaffe Fasset did multi-colour knitting patterns : knitting with 25 or 30 different colours was a normal thing and I enjoyed the ‘difficulty’ of those patterns.

While writing for my blog I usually enjoy an espresso with something sweet : a cookie or black Belgian chocolate.
I just love that : pure luxury.
It also permits me to think what to write ! Not always easy.
I watered my sketch I did some days ago. I now have a better idea what to change. The design is too much in two parts : a left and a right. Not good at all. I will have to move the design to a border and so that my eye can move in one direction.
But …I used my embellisher to make an agenda-cover and I inspired me on my sketch :
Since the design will serve as front and back cover I didn’t have to pay attention to the middle. I will glue the felt on the agenda cover and that will be it.

I want to apologise for not answering those of you who send comment, I have –again- mail problems : I receive them but can’t send any. The problem should be solved tomorrow !

“A computer once beat me at chess, but was no match for me at kick boxing.”
Emo Philips

Write you soon

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Robinsunne a dit…

Hi, I have come here from your note on the ATC group. Nice blog. I am sooo impressed by your knitting.
I laughed at your quote about chess and kickboxing!!
My blog is http://sunnespot.blogspot.com If you ever want to trade ATC just let me know. It is a great way to get ideas for one's own cards!