25 septembre 2008

Border - continued

I made some changes in my border.
I love this version : jagged edges like the cliffs I saw.
I also tried to put tulle – in all sorts of colours - over the landscape but the result wasn’t what it should be. It toned the vibrancy too much.

Now I can start to sew this work. This is making me happy.

Have a new work in my head :
I posted two pictures :
Would love to try this in a mixed media technique : fabric, paper, plastic, paint…
Still don’t know. I will have to make some sketches and see how I can alter and combine those pictures.
DH is coming back tonight from a 4-day business trip in Italy.
Since the meetings were near Venice, he also was invited to visit the city with a guide.
Some have all the luck !

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”
Aaron Rose

Write you soon

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StegArt a dit…

Oh, I'm loving that border. This piece is really looking wonderful.