21 septembre 2008

Nature Quilt Marseille V

Working with the “Art Quilt Workbook” written by Jane Dávila and Elin Waterston learned me to like working in series.
The quilt I’m working on, is- already- number 5 in my series about my trip to Marseille.

As some of you know, I’m following a workshop ‘Design you own nature quilt’ conducted by Ellen Lindner.
I really enjoy this workshop, where you have to adapt a picture in a quilt.
I started from a picture I took on the isle of Frioul and made some transformation while sketching.
I like Ellen’s way of conducting workshops because she lets you do you own thing and only advises if you ask for. She’s –for me- more like a coach.

These are on-going pictures :
Here I added some light greenery :
And here some dark green leafs :
This work is really taking shape. The diagonal line of the flowers gives this work some dynamic . It’s coming to life.
I will start to sew the shapes soon. I still want to make the flower heads dimensional : I will make some thread leaf and flower heads.

"Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction".
Jimi Hendrix(1942 - 1970)

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

StegArt a dit…

This is really coming along nicely.

deb poole aka kustomgal a dit…

Very beautiful. I think we are some what alike... so many ideas and so little time! Happy creating to you.