5 septembre 2008

Marseille V Frioul-Quilt

I went wild with a Frioul-sketch. I went on the hard rock tour with a gothic touch.
I changed the colour of the cliffs into blue and made a gray, anthracite and black heaven.
Just had fun, without intention of making this in fabric.
It could be a 'State of Mind', some friend of my kids found the result 'too cool' or 'f..'
Now, back to a more conventional way of working.
Again a pastel sketch :
And the watered version :
I think that this is it.
I have eye- movement with diagonals
I have focal points – in the fabric version there will be less- my watered colours went on a walk in my sketch.
I made the design abstract – I wanted that.

I quickly picked some fabrics from my stash :
Some greens
Some blues
And the focal colours
I’m almost ready to start.
Still have a question :
What size will I make this work ?

"I can do to him whatever I like. I'm allowed to torture him as much as I want. He's mine. "
J.K. Rowling

Write you soon

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