7 septembre 2008

Flower Parade

Next week we go to the Champagne for some days with DH and my parents. I’m glad to go again.
This is a beautiful region in France – not to speak of the gastronomy and the champagne.

We are also invited to go to a –I think 50 year - marriage celebration.
I finished “abstrait III” and I will give this as present :

For once my blog will not be only fibre or sketch related, but will be a hommage to all the people who made it possible to realize this fantastic flower parade.

This was the last flower parade representing some of the greatest Flemish Artists going from the 15th century till now a days.
There was only a little rain during the parade full of music, grimed kids and adults representing the personages from the artworks of the Flemish Artist.

There were more than 30 decorated “wagons”.

Many came to look this 50 year old parade and many are already nostalgic !
But back to reality : this was an expensive parade with all those flowers.

“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.’
Write you soon

3 commentaires:

Teresa a dit…

The parade looks beautiful. Is the tradition ending? When you say "last parade" do you mean there will be no more? How sad that would be! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Anonyme a dit…

Your parade somewhat reminds me of our "Rose Parade" here in the states where they create these large floats using only flowers, reeds and seeds...beautiful pictures and what a very nice event to attend for the days. Louise Schiele, California

sandra wyman a dit…

Love your "AbstraitIII" quilt