2 février 2009


The border for ‘Marseille L’Estaque’ is turning me nuts !It was me intention to add a small black border and then to extent the design in a larger border.
I sewed 2 black borders and a tree trunk fabric near the foliage but for the sky I’m stuck.

I have layered several pieces to see what next, but no, for the moment I’m not inspired !
The top is pinned on my studio wall, so that I can play with several possible options.
Every time I go by, I stop and try a new idea.

“Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”
Dale Carnegie

Write you soon

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Margarita Korioth a dit…

I love your idea of creating a trunk for your foliage. Good idea to put your work on display and wait till you find the "right" fabric that sings with your piece.