10 février 2009

Challenge on hold

Shelagh's challenge has been put on hold since not enough participants posted their results and commented.
I completely agree with this point of view since she’s offering this tutorial/challenge for free. She’s asked ‘as retribution’ that we should post our results and give her some feedback.
This didn’t happened for a great majority.
The downside is that those who are participating actively are being ‘punished’ !
Well, I can finish some other projects in the meanwhile.

Yesterday evening we continued the fractured round robin.
We cut the flowers on the reverse of the work.
Once turned on the right side, we had a surprise.
This is my piece :

As you can imagine : I have still a lot of work to create a harmony in the different styles.

The next time we come together one of my friend wants to make something like this :
She still have to make a quilt for her granddaughter Iris and she asked me to adapt a pattern.
I used EQ6 to develop her idea. Since this quilt is for a baby girl she wanted ‘baby colours’.
And since a baby is also attracted by vivid colours I added some bright accents.
I had to put butterflies on it !
Long time I went on the ‘classic tour’. And I never ever used soft colours, even for my kids when they were babies.

“The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason. “
John Cage

Write you soon

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verobirdie a dit…

I like this fractured flower! Good idea to go in new directions...