12 février 2009

Dried Rose

One of the exercises I have to do for the ‘City and Guild’ creative sketchbooks module 3 is :
drawing a same object several times.
I chose a dried rose I had at home.
I took a rather small object because I wanted to be able to put it easily on my table and remove it as easily.
I started to draw without much confidence.
So long ago I tried to draw something in a realistic way. Usually I give all my designs a serious twist. Most of the time I take a picture from the subject and use the picture months later to create a fibre work.
But this time…
I had to draw a dimensional object on a flat surface.
The interpretation from picture to design : 2 dimensions to 2 dimensions is easier than going from 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions.
But like in every ability : the more you exercise, the more you gain in experience. I’m almost too ashamed to show my exercises but know that I’m hard working to get better.

day 1 :

day 2 :
The temptation to use the picture I took is big. But I will not use the picture. I want to be able to draw again and if I have to fall over every stone on my way, well, so be it. At the end, I will be the winner !

I wanted to sew a little thing and I made the companion for the blue ‘remember René Magritte’ apple : purple pear.
I like to work a subject with monochromatic colours.

For now I will continue drawing the dried rose.

"I exercise every morning without fail. One eyelid goes up and the other follows".
Pete Postlethwaite

Write you soon

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