23 février 2009


I try to exercise my sketching every day but… I just realized that I can’t draw every day for the moment.
These are some of the dried rose drawing exercises I have done :
The first with a graphite pencil
the second with watercolour pencils
the last with a sketch pencil.
I see an evolution but I’m not satisfied yet. I miss the creativity twist I give in everything I make.
Trying to reproduce a subject exactly as a drawing isn’t my cup of tea ! I find that if you want an exact reproduction, you take a picture.

I have found the border fabric for ‘Marseille L’Estaque’.
Finally !
I was desperately seeking for THE right fabric.
I had one fabric I preferred not to use although it was the best option. I started to auction my whole stash and believed I turned crazy. I retrieved my sanity back in time !
I used this border instead of the orange, red, pink, gray and blacks.
Only an accent of black was used in a small partial border
The black spot next the pink will be removed and changed. This spot is too overwhelming and attracts my regard more than I wanted.
I have to add more free machine embroidered leaves at the right.

"We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts."
John Dewey

Write you soon,