5 février 2009


Lately I deserve a 0 or almost in creativity and a 9 for cleaning !
No time for nothing fun or almost...
But :
* I arranged some of my colouring stuff in a closet :
* My 46 year young ‘nounours’ has now his place above my painting/colouring table :
Isn’t he well preserved ? No wrinkles, almost no lost hair and always so cute.
*I cooked some of DH favourite dishes, and it weren’t quickly prepared dishes.
*I also had to overwork several times in our shop.

About the creativity,
This is all I did :
I sewed further on the challenge.
This is the surface with cut holes :

And a bit later with sewing on it :
Would you believe that the back is as interesting to look at than the front :
Still auditioning fabric for ‘Marseille L’Estaque’, I haven’t found my star yet.
“Experience is a dear teacher, and only fools will learn from no other.”
Benjamin Franklin

Write you soon

2 commentaires:

Guzzisue a dit…

maybe you could clean up my room ? :-)

Doreen K. a dit…

Your challenge piece is fabulous. I am still looking for plastic bags. My mom is in the hospital so I have been real busy with her. So far behind.