25 février 2009


I enrolled for a workshop, starting march, 20th and given by Sarah Whitmire.

It’s called ‘Soul Journaling: Advanced Techniques’. Past summer she had some blog entries about soul journaling and I just loved it. This is the reason I enrolled, she’s also very generous in giving all kind of tricks and techniques during her workshops.

The workshops I will take this year will mostly be introspection workshops. I do not want the blingbling and instant satisfaction workshops.

Therefore I started the City and Guild Creative Sketchbooks some months ago. I’m now in module three and can’t get enough. I love the taking it further –facultative- activity and I’m taking all my time. I had to laugh with the minimum required hours to finish a module. I’m playing with each module at least 3 times longer.

Here I have added a water coloured border representing the used colours in the pictures.
The first picture was taken by a friend who went to Kenya ;
the second was “butterfly googled” on the internet some time ago but I haven’t found the resource any more. Stupid, stupid me.

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write you soon

4 commentaires:

Genie a dit…

Beautiful work Nathalie

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Nathalie, I have also enrolled in Sarah's class. I met you during her joggles class. Love what you are doing with the creative sketchbook class. Janet

verobirdie a dit…

Those borders are such a great idea! They do enhance the pictures. And I guess they are a good exercise to find out the colors.

Greenmare a dit…

I like these! I think I will try to do some too. lucky you getting to take these workshops.