21 février 2009


Look what my parents gave me :
This is a fabulous souvenir from my grandmother.
Since it was unused for many years, I don’t remember if the ‘wheel’ is complete.
I think so, but memory lane is long…

The only thing :
How does you call it in English ?
I used some translator programs and the only thing that came out was : wheel !
In French, you call it : un rouet.
In dutch, you call it : een spinnewiel.
Please, leave a comment with the correct name, I’m so curious.

I started to draw the dried rose again after a 10-day intermezzo :
I’m really rusted.

Look what I finally found :
I was surprised to find a shop in Bruges selling the Golden Fluid Acrylics. They even have the new ‘open’ line.
I have found a new excuse to go to Bruges ! I have a better excuse than the paints – my 2 youngest children are in high school in Bruges - but that shop is an A+.

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. "
Will Durant

Write you soon,

6 commentaires:

Diane a dit…

The correct term is a spinning wheel. I would love to be able to spin yarns. It seems such a simple yet soothing craft.

Guzzisue a dit…

wow, lucky girl, I am learning to spin with a spindle, hopefully one day I will have a spinning wheel like this, enjoy!!

hippopip a dit…

I see they got there before me lucky you it is a lovely gift

N.Davet a dit…

You are lucky

What a splendid spinning wheel !

Presque j'en rêverais...
Votre blog est très intéressant, j'y viens très souvent...Nicole

katrien a dit…

Kom ik per toeval via quiltingbloggers op jou blog terecht,een streekgenoot.Mooie werken.

Sue B a dit…

it's a beautiful wheel. I tried spinning once but just couldn't get the hang of it.