7 février 2009

Fractured Round Robin

After making the background for the Fractured Round Robin,
I appliquéd the flower on it :
Still have to sew the flower heart on it.
I needed to be ready for Monday since this is our ‘monthly’ quilting bee at my place.

I took the time to sew my windows in this background :
It is my aquarium version for a commissioned quilt.
I intend to put all kind of fish in the rectangles and add some bubbles.
Yesterday, I met a long time no see friend. We promised 10 years ago not to lose each other from sight again but life came in the way. This time, we made an appointment to have dinner together. Where she was, I was and vice versa. We were living with the phone scotched on our ear and our parents had high phone bills.
Happy souvenirs !

“Friends have all things in common.”

Write you soon

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M. Regina a dit…

Beautiful work. You are an artist!REGINA, FROM BRASIL