1 décembre 2008

Last Details

I’m laying my hands and my head on the last details for the exhibition.
I received the invitations for the ‘vernissage” Saturday and have posted most of them today.

I had a last check up on the works I will exhibit : would you believe that I sometimes forgot to put my name on it ?
I counted my ‘OK to exhibit’ works : there will be 35 works !
I asked a friend artist Fernand Vanderplancke to “dress” the exhibition up with some of his statues and he agreed. He’s making fabulous things !

I’m also trying to finish the ‘comment’ book.
This is the back cover :
The front cover is in a previous post.

“If you rest, you rust.”
Helen Hayes
Write you soon

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Sue B a dit…

35 pieces! How exciting Nathalie!