13 décembre 2008

Happy Dance

I finished module 1 from the C&G creative sketchbooks.
Laura Kemshall and Edwina Mackinnon wrote me that I may start with module 2.
I love the result from this exercise and with some adaption I could make this in fabric.

The official opening of the exhibition was a HUGE success. We had a lot of people who came from about everywhere.

On the picture above my brother who came specially for that event and
on the picture below, my parents.
The traditional quilts on the walls were made by Gerda, Carine, Julie and Magda.
I'm so thankfull that they accepted to exhibit some of their quilts.
Since the name of the exhibition is "From patchwork to Art Textile', I needed some traditional works. Most of them were hand sewed and hand quilted.

The critics on the exposed works were very positive.
The pictures from the works below are mine.

I now know I’m going in the right direction never the less I’m making art primarily for myself and that others do like it is a nice positive addition.
I have sold several of my works which made me even more happy.
The only scary moment was when I had to speech. I had to speak real close to the micro but wasn’t able to read my paper any more because I had forgot my reading glasses !

"Speeches are like babies - easy to conceive but hard to deliver."
Pat OMalley

Write you soon

7 commentaires:

MargaretR a dit…

Congratulations Nathalie. It looks a wonderful exhibition.

StegArt a dit…

Wow, the exhibition looks very impressive. I wish I would be able to see it in person.

Robin Mac a dit…

Congratulations Nathalie, you must be very proud of what you have achieved. I hope you sell lots of your works, even though it is hard to part from them. Cheers, Robin

Dena Crain a dit…

WELL DONE, NATHALIE! Congratulations on a wonderful opening. It looks just great! Lovely gallery, great lighting, and lots of people to enjoy the work - what more can you ask?!

I see your Darned Quilt holds a prominent position. Have you sold it yet?

Cheers! And keep up the good work!

Rosemary aka fabricfan a dit…

Lovely exhibit. The first two photos would make lovely fabric. Congratulations.

karenworks a dit…

Nathalie...the show looks fantastic. Wow, have you accomplished a lot this year. It is wonderful to see your growth as an artist.

Margarita Korioth a dit…

Felicitaciones Nathalie! I wish I will be able to see it in person.

cheers from Florida