7 décembre 2008

Altered Journals

I enjoyed painting the two journals I started to alter with Sarah Whitmire.
This one is all finished and almost dry. It’s ready to be packed and to be used during the exhibition. I hope people will enjoy writing their comments in it about the exhibition.

On the back I added a picture of a well-known statue from the village where the exhibition will take place, I also added a small piece of street map and some street names. I added some horizontal waves to evoke the North Sea.
The front of the journal has a picture of a shell, some fabric shells, feathers, threads and some more.

The other journal I’m making for my sister-in-law is not yet finished.
I want to add a poem so that, when she reads it, it makes her happy and thinking positive.

The next thing I will alter, will be a table agenda. I will add more texture on the surface so that the paint pops out.

In two days I will start to hang all the works at the exhibition. I will also take some pictures and add them on the blog. You will have a little preview of all the exhibited works.
So, stay tuned…

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”
Rosalynn Carter

Write you soon

1 commentaire:

Marilyn a dit…

Nathalie, I'm in Sarah Whitmire's class with you. I'm so sorry about your sister. I think she will be cheered by your gift. Your shell journal turned out GORGEOUS!!! I'll wait to see the finished product for your sister. It looks like it's going to be another stunner.