26 décembre 2008


With the Christmas days I had the chance to have an extra free day on the 25th.
I spend the day – in slow motion – sewing on “Marseille VI L’Estaque”.
This piece is turning just like I wanted :

I had one ironing accident but nothing irreparable ! My son had ironed his shirts and when I used the iron I forgot to turn the steam off.

I started the thread painting on the roofs at right :
Once I will have finished the basis thread painting I will add the tree. I think I will make the leaves using ‘fiber etch’ . This is a product that bites/burns the fabric and leave a nice darker edge. The only downside : it’s a bit messy and tricky to work with.
The following picture is the painting George Braque did from almost the same spot :

The exhibition is a success, we had on 1 day over 300 visitors.
Can you image this ?
300 !?!
For a little exhibition with not that much publicity.

I have added some more pictures from the exhibition :

These are from Carine, Astrid,and Gerda :

And these are mine :

"What I dream of is an art of balance."
Henri Matisse

Write you soon

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Barbara Strobel Lardon a dit…

I love your progress on your newest quilt and enjoyed your quilts in the show as well. Thank you for sharing.