3 décembre 2008


I made some major decisions lately. Well, major is maybe a big word.

First : I joined the SAQA, huge step… It is a sign that (I thing) I begin to feel and act like an artist. Since I do not have the support (in the ‘traditional quilt world’) I looked for in my neighborough, I will seek it elsewhere. Sue and Terri : you were so right !

Second : I will start a City and Guild creative sketchbooks online course from Linda and Laura Kemshall .
This will help me to sort my ideas and to let me –more than now- work in series.

I must admit that when I took the workshop with Sharon Bogon , past summer about having a journal and using it, I enjoyed the sketching and the doodling.
I didn’t want to take a patchwork and quilting course because I want to enlarge my vision of making art. I wanted to have a look from another side.
There are more than one road that lead to Rome !

I wanted to add a picture of a quilttop. Started as a doodle and then as a mathematic play.
Will be finished soon…

“Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.”
Wendell Johnson

Write you soon

4 commentaires:

StegArt a dit…

Hey Nathalie! It definitely sounds like you have been busy with your decisions. Hope you enjoy the City & guilds course. I'm loving that spiral quilt.

Teresa a dit…

Gosh that is beautiful. Did you draw it on paper first and then cut out the pattern? I can't even imagine how you would put something like this together.

verobirdie a dit…

WOW, I'm jealous that you go for the course with Linda and Laura Kemshall. I'm sure you'll love it and that you'll learn a lot.
BTW, jealous is not the right word, the idea is in the back of my head, but I can't find the time right now to step in.

Angelika Westermann a dit…

Hi Nathalie,
Congratulations to your decisions. Will you let us participate a bit regarding your progress in the sketchbook course? I started a city and guilds course on quilting (two years ago) - today I would chose sketchbook, too, since I developed more towards mixed media technique.
Cheers, Angelika