10 décembre 2008


We started to set up all the quilts for the exhibition.
A fast count of the number of it : I believe we have about 80 works to show.
From the most traditional handmade and handquilted (kingsize)bed quilt to the journal size artworks.
I will go back tomorrow to have a final control of all the works. My speech is written and approved by my critics (my dad and one of my best friend).
We already had many people stepping in the gallery to have a peek.

I had to ask them to come visit when the exhibition will be open.

DH made such a publicity for the exhibition that we will have a great number of visitors.
Those who have met Marc in Houston, know that he is my greatest fan and that he support me more than most can imagine.

The statues that Fernand Vanderplancke will exhibit are stunning.
This is one of my favourites :

I decided that I will sell some of my work. Pricing a work is one of the most difficult things.
You have to be objective and putting the emotions aside. But I can’t help it : it will be like letting my babies leaving home once they’re grown up.
On the other hand : I will have some space again on the walls to (make and) hang new work. Most of my work were hidden in closets.

I’m also working a little on my City and Guilds creative sketchbooks module one, drawing lines and filling squares. I combined oil crayons with watercolour crayons because I was curious about the result.
I know I’m doing more than I have to, but I gave myself the time till end January to do the first module so I can take all the assessments further.
I also want to play further with EQ6 just for fun.

DH asked me if I wanted to have a mini trip to London. I said not this year, no way…but in January well why not. He will turn 51 years young next week (December, 19) and my birthday is next month so we can go between the two birthdays. One present for two.

It’s already decided : we go to Birmingham in august for the exhibition.

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you've come from. You can achieve great things and make a difference in this world. You only need to believe in yourself enough, and you do that by reaching your goals one step at a time. "
Mark Llewhellin

Write you soon

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