15 décembre 2008

Marseille VI L'Estaque

Most of you know that our city trip to Marseille left a huge impression on me.
Most of you also know that I started an art-quilt series about Marseille.

This is the next photo I want to adapt and make in fibre : L’Estaque
Georges Braque and Paul Cézanne painted this little village near Marseille many, many times !
When, in L’Estaque, you can follow a walking route that retrace their paintings.
I took many pictures of the different views. I can’t show them all, but here's another one :

Over the years many things changes but the spirit stayed.

I traced the (first) picture with EQ6 – wanted to practice the program a little more – and this is the result :
The design isn’t perfect : you still can see some blue background between the houses but the essence is present.
I removed some of the annoying details : the electricity cables…
I have to simplify the design a bit more : still too many details !
I want straight lines. Looking for a cubism style !
But I want to have a contrast with the flowing of the leaves.
Add a little frivolity in my work to be.

I just love it when I can go ahead in some of my ideas and knowing that it will become a nice work.
Sometimes I see my work already finished in a glimpse. Then I have to remember and write the idea down.
The same happened for this one.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Winston Churchill

Write you soon

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linda stokes a dit…

This should make a lovely quilt Nathalie & congratulations on your exhibition, lots of interesting work on show.