18 novembre 2008

Molding paste

I’m playing with a product I found in Houston : “Molding paste”
I’m glad I saw Lesley Riley working with this product and that I had tried the product during her workshop in ‘Make it University’.
I’m also in an on-line workshop ‘Textured Surfaces’ from Fibre-in-Form where we’re working with a lot of ‘different products’. I just love it but I can’t put much time in the workshop. I highly underestimated the time I had to put in the preparation of the exhibition !

This is what I did so far I added a first colour over the molding paste :
The second colour in the door :

And a last colour overall :
I will add one of my favourite techniques : free machine embroidery and quilting so that this work will have more depth.
If I hadn’t had the luck of taking classes with Sue and Terri, I wouldn’t have discover so many new stuff and I probably wouldn’t have experimented as much as I have.
Who would have thought that -one day- I would use wallpaper and all kinds of wrap in my work ?
“I never made a mistake in my life ; at least, never one that I couldn’t explain away afterwards.”
Rudyard Kipling

Write you soon

4 commentaires:

hippopip a dit…

This is looking stunning Natalie,well done

StegArt a dit…

I'm loving the progress on your door piece.

Teresa a dit…

I wish I could see this in person as I am having trouble invisioning what it must look and feel like. One the one dimension that I can see, it sure looks pretty and interesting.

Sue B a dit…

Wow Nathalie, this door piece is really coming along beautifully! I have a jar of molding paste - you've inspired me to take it out of the drawer and start playing with it.