16 novembre 2008


While I waited for a surface to dry, I played with a product I found in Houston : Textiva.
I had seen a work from Allison Ray that had intrigued me and wanted to try something using the same technique.
Since it was a experience I used a -for me- ‘ugly fabric’ found in my ‘old’stash ; I melted some Angelina fibers and layered them on the fabric.
Then I layered the Textiva film on the surface :
and free machine embroidered the whole surface.
Then I did (I think) something wrong : I used my heat gun to melt the film.
I saw the film changing colour, become more translucide. Not that it is not nice but the absolute brilliance of the film was toned.
I wanted the kind of holes you obtain when you zap felt or chiffon or painted wonder-under, in the film.
Next time better : I will make the holes in the film with scissors first ; then I will layer the film on the fabric and free motion quilt the surface.
I enjoyed making that little surface , I learned something new and I have one more example to add in my sketch journal !

Meanwhile my ‘molding paste’ door surface is almost dry ! I have add different fabrics on it.
Since I will paint the surface I didn’t care about the added fabric colours. I even added small scrim pieces.

My quilt exhibition is opening in less than a month (12/12/2008 till +/-01/17/2009) and I still have soo much to do. They asked me to speech, telling the reasons of my ‘art’ and the evolution and BLABLABLA…I think I will be sick ! I almost wished I was on a deserted island.

‘I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none.”
Ben Shahn (1898-1969)

Write you soon

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Michele Matucheski a dit…

Dear Nathalie--
I met you in the Fibre in Form class. Nice work! In appreciation, I want to tag you with the 7 Things Meme. Guidelines are on my blog at http://sweetleafnotes.blogspot.com Feel free to decline. I know this is a very busy time of year. Smiles!