6 novembre 2008

Jet lag

I’m finally home !

I have to admit that I can’t see a plane for at least one year, despite that DH is telling everyone that he wants to go back !

I hate planes and their lack of comfort, well : I do not like it when I have to sit 9.30 hours on the same seat wit a fasten seatbelt.
And no : business class is not for me, yet.

I had a wonderful time in the States and everyone was so nice to us – tourist and guest – in your country.
New Orleans was an event. I do not know if Bourbon street is always so vibrant ; I loved the street musicians and the jazz and blues cafés.
You have to shake your body on that music !

In the cafés you barely dare to ask for juice so we drank a (1) cocktail and when you are not used to drink that…

The food was – well - the portions were more than royal. I liked what I have eaten and my DH even more.

We made a tour on a paddle wheel boat on the Mississippi.
We went to Oak Alley – HUGE - property.

We did the Swamp and Bayou tour where I met a snake.

We visited the garden district with the old houses.

All this in 4 days.
Not to forget all the walking in the French Quarter. I believe we did every street at least 2 times !

We arrived in Houston on Wednesday after a bumpy flight.
Houston was the primary reason we came to the States. DH knew that the only way to get me on a plane again was the BIG, HUGE quilt exhibition and the chance to met some of my internet friends. One must know her weakest spots !
On Thursday I had the incredible chance and honour (yes, yes !) to met Sue Bleiweiss (left)and Terri Stegmiller (right).

These two artists - who were there to help Iris from Mistyfuse- are simply fantastic.
I had the impression we knew each other for years.
It clicked, sometimes this happens, this is a friendship to cherish.
We had such a wonderful time that we went dining an evening.
Judy Hartman and one of her friends, Andrea (no blog) joined us. We were 5 women with one man (DH) having fun and enjoying a wonderful evening.

I hope, one day, Sue and Terri will have the possibility to come over to Belgium. The country is much smaller, so this make it easier to visit some fantastic places as Bruges.
They both gave me a wonderful present that I will share with you in my next blog talk. I like making people curious !

I had the chance to follow some workshops at the Quiltingart and Cloth Paper Scissors booth but more on those workshops later.

“Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare.”
René Descartes

Write you soon

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StegArt a dit…

Hi Nathalie!!! I'm happy to hear you made it back home safely. I agree with you that I feel like we are friends that have known each other for a long time and I have such wonderful memories. I enjoyed learning about some of the differences between your country and the US. I do hope that we have a chance to meet again. And YES!, a trip to Belgium sounds like a fantastic idea.

Anonyme a dit…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.