23 novembre 2008

Door Way

I finished the thread painting/quilting of the doorway. Sewing thru the (light) molding paste went like a charm. I used a remain of a synthetic batting instead of the usual cotton batting.

I always try to insert a butterfly somewhere in my work. This time I used a lace butterfly.
If you look closely you will notice that the background fabric is also a butterfly fabric !
Now thinking of a way to finish this door…
Shall I make a binding or not ?
Curved borders or not ?
Maybe framing it….or not.
This is one of my UFO’s. I used the paper piecing technique to make it. This was meant as exercise so I used the fabrics I had in my possession at that time.
I already quilted the compass in the ditch some time (=years) ago and never finished it.
Now I wish to continue it but I do not like it anymore !
And since I do not want any UFO’s in my studio any more…
So I will alter the compass : I will cut it in pieces and re-assemble it in another way so that it becomes a ‘revisited mariner compass’.
This was our weather this afternoon : Snow, only ¾ inch and a lot of wind. I hurried to take a picture because this does not last for long here ; 1 hour later there was no snow any more.
I took this picture from my kitchen, just love the view I have from all the different roofs and trees.

My youngest daughter turned 19 today ! Time flies.
One thing haven’t change in all those years : she’s still the one hugging and kissing her mom the most. I just love it !

“Children are the only form of immortality that we can be sure of.”
Peter Ustinov

Write you soon

3 commentaires:

Sue B a dit…

The door is gorgeous!

Liz Kettle a dit…

Hi Nathalie,
I love your blue door and the view from your kitchen window. It was so great to see you in Houston!
Liz Kettle

Fabienne a dit…

Your doorway is really fantastic! I love it!
No snow in the south of france but a terrific and cold wind!