2 juin 2008

The Faux de Verzy

Someone asked me where the picture of the fence - from previous post - was taken,
well :

Every year in September , my parents and us (DH and me) go to the Champagne-region in France for a few days. It’s only 3 hours driving from our homes.
We stay in Dizy a little town between Epernay and Reims.
This is the view I had from my bedroom :

We also visit some vineyards with the beauty of the full-grown grapes that will become champagne in a near future.

A few years ago, we had the chance to visit the ‘Abbaye de Dom Perignon’ . This abbey is normally not open to the public.

Nearby there is a National-Nature Park, a protected forest with unique trees : the ‘Faux’ de Verzy. These are trees that grow a special way .
These trees have grown in a tormented way. We always spent a day in that forest to resourcing. Listening to the ‘silence’, looking to the beauty of the nature on it’s best.
The picture of the fence was took in this forest.


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