24 juin 2008


Marseille is a beautiful city !
We spend some fantastic days there.

We slept in a charming hotel on the ‘Vieux Port’, the oldest part of Marseille.
This was the view we had from our hotel :

Like every port this city is a melting pot of cultures.
You feel the southern way of live : much life and noise, speaking with the whole body and very friendly.
We visited the oldest part of Marseille with a guide.

In the evening we went eating the ‘bouillabaisse’ – a ‘fish soup’-with a glass of ‘rosé de Provence’.
After enjoying the meal we walked near the ‘Vieux Port’ looking at the boats.

Very romantic !

We also visited the ‘Calanques’ from Marseille to Cassis with a boat – I was impressed by the primitive beauty of the nature.

The day after we visited the Calanques on foot on the ‘îles du Frioul’ We walked for about 4 hours.
The only thing you hear is the noise of the seagulls.
You have so many things to look at...

There's not so much green due to the climate.

I will go back !
"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."
Zeno (335BC-264BC)
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2 commentaires:

Dena Crain a dit…

What a wonderful holiday you must have had! I have always wanted to see Provence, been very close to it, but not quite there. Your photos remind me, though of Corsica; I have spent some time there as well. The colors and textures are wonderful inspiration for your art, don't you think?


Anonyme a dit…

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.