14 juin 2008


When I wake up in the morning, this is the first view I see.
I hear the birds giving concertos and I enjoy it : no better way to wake up.

Before I get in the kitchen I have to go true my studio

I always drink my first cup of coffee in my studio, enjoying the sight of the fabric in the closet and the to-finish works.
It’s in the early morning that I’m auditioning the different fabric for a particular work.
It only takes the time of drinking my cup of coffee ; but this is what makes my day.
The flower collage below was made early on a Sunday morning. I sketched the petals with my scissors, laid the fabric on a background, putted tulle over it and thread painted it.

This collage is made after a picture I took in ‘le parc de la tête d’or’ in Lyon.

My DH and I had a wonderful time there : The ‘old Lyon’ is a must-visit with some Italian influence.

And the ‘parc de la tête d’or’ is spectacular.
I never saw as many brides and grooms on one day taking their marriage pictures !

"Joy is not in things, it is in us."
Richard Wagner
Write you soon

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