11 juin 2008

Image to Drawing

Yesterday evening I took the time to simplify my design from the old Wheel against a tree trunk.
I’m so glad I took classes from Marilyn Belford and Susan Brittingham at Quilt University (link at right)some years ago.
They both learned me how to alter images so that you can ‘easily’ draw the chosen picture.

This was my first drawing result, but as I said in a previous post the drawing was still too complicated to reproduce in fabric :

So I deleted some lines without loosing the spirit of the picture and the drawing :

I believe that the drawing is like it should be.
The most exciting part is looking for the right fabric – without buying new fabric !
My stash is huge !
Reproducing the shadow will be challenging.

A strange thing of being an artist :
You have plenty of work hanging on the walls of your studio and even more in the closets but you can’t stop yourself producing.
At first you give some works away and at last you decide to sell your ‘babies’ so that you have more money to make new work.

A last word from George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) :
“Inspiration is the beginning of creation.”

Write you soon

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