25 juin 2008


I have a super sewing machine with a lot of fancy stitches and one of the ways to visualise those different stitches was to actually stitch them in different rows.
So I did.

Never realised that this was a titanic work !
And boring !

But now that this is done I’m glad I did it.
If I need to sew a decorative stitch, I take my sampler pages and look for the ‘most wanted’ stitch.

I have used my sampler to choose some stitches in the ‘Bubbles’ Darned Quilt I made in a Quilt University class conducted By Dena Crain (see link at right).
If you have the possibility : TAKE that class !
You will not regret it.
It is such a funny technique with quick and unexpected results.

"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do ;
the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it."
Mary Wilson little

Write you soon

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inge a dit…

kan me voorstellen dat het een saai werkje is, al die steekjes, maar wel een tof naslagwerkje nadien...