16 juin 2008


I made my suitcases this evening. Making them is like holiday already. We leave on Thursday and come back on Tuesday. I never was in Marseille but I intend to visit a lot. I will take as many pictures as I can.

My blue apple made in the workshop from Ellen Lindner( link on the right) is finished.
I was happy to make an easy little piece without thinking too much.

The other workshop ‘Idea to Image’ from Laura Cater-Woods(link on the right) is also near to an end. This was a real discovery workshop with a group that wasn’t too big. I intend to take her next workshop in the near future. For the moment I’m so full of ideas that I need to sort them. I need to work on myself for a while.

I learned to work with a sketchbook again and will use it to develop some ideas.

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable,
you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,
and all that is left is a compromise."
Robert Fritz

Write you soon

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Sue B a dit…

Both of these pieces are terrific!