30 mai 2008


Have you ever tried to burn fabric on purpose with your iron ?
I did, and it isn’t as easy as it sounds.
With those modern irons with the automatic stop when it is ‘overheating’ ; you have to thinking not to hold the iron too long on the same spot but long enough to obtain that rusty spot.
Remember my tree trunk a few post ago ?
Well, I made a line drawing from a detail from that trunk on paper.
Had to think how to translate it in fabric, saw a picture from rust-dyed fabric in a blog-post
( don’t remember from who, sorry) and Eureka… I had a possibility to adapt the detail on fabric. A bit like the relativity theory (when it rains in Africa…).

I received a wonderful complement today : I am a poet.
Those words touched me profoundly.
Thank you, Laura.
I like it better than some friends saying : ‘you think way to much for me’ and/or ‘when you say something I have to think to much’.
Sometimes it makes me feel like ET.
And sometimes I choose not to speak.
I like the words : ‘a few words are sometimes better than a whole book’
‘Talking is silver and silence is gold’


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